“Teaching Women How to Study God’s Word, With Good Coffee, Good Food and Good Company”


What are Soul Circles?

After a SoulCircles Meetup in Washington, DC in Sept 2018

After a SoulCircles Meetup in Washington, DC in Sept 2018

Soul Circles are meetups over coffee, or food (I love both of these things! LOL) where women come together to learn, discuss and apply basic Bible Study principles. It’s also a time to connect, grow and flourish with other women who are just as passionate about Bible study as you are! My hope is that you will leave with basic tools to enhance your Bible study, and a new friend that you meet at the Soul Circle to continue to do life with. There will also be guest teachers from time to time that will help lead us into a great study!


Why did you start Soul Circles?

I saw a need for women to learn how to rightly divide God’s word in a safe, non-judgmental environment. We live in a devotional reading, give me a quick word culture. And although devotionals serve a purpose and can be great when leading us into deeper study of the text; I found that most women simply did not know how or where to start when studying the Bible. The Bible is a book about God, written to people who lived in the past and also to us. It’s living, breathing and active. Indeed, it can change our lives. On the other hand, the wrong understanding can give us the wrong view about who God is, salvation, and much more. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum and simply want to help women not feel intimidated by the Bible and to be able to handle God’s word better. Over the years, I have studied Biblical Studies & Theology on a collegiate level. This has simply increased my desire to help the everyday woman to be able to understand, and apply the Bible to their everyday lives.


Who can come to Soul Circles?

It doesn’t matter if you have a Divinity degree or no degree, whether you have been saved for 20 years or just learned about Jesus yesterday. If you are a woman who wants to study the Bible along with other women you are welcome. If you always wanted to study but simply don’t know the first step beyond reading the text, you are also welcome! If you aren’t a Christian you are also welcome. Just come with an open heart and mind to learn. We are not open for debates on religion but we will welcome conversations outside of the Soul Circles for that.


Why aren’t you doing these online?

I’ve led online Bible studies before and they are great. But there is something to say about being in person and studying among other women. Friendships are built, and community is cultivated. In today’s society, in person interactions are often lost. Soul Circles desire is to cultivate healthy community and friendships with other women around the word of God. We may decide to develop an online community at a later time, but for now we are coming to your city to your local coffee shop.


What should I bring to a Soul Circle?

A Bible, (electronic versions are great, but for these meetups the ones with pages, or even a print out of the chapter we are studying would be best). A pen, highlighter, and a journal. Dictionaries, and commentaries are welcome but we would probably have you use those as you dive deeper after the Soul Circle session.


When and where is the next Soul Circle?

Location: Winston-Salem,NC- January 25, 2019

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