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Enjoy God's Word Women's Online Bible Conference!

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Myself along with other amazing Biblically Sound Women Bible Teachers are unpacking the book of Psalms during a word-based conference you can partake in right from your living room!

I am teaching on the topic, “Anxiety in the Psalms and How We Can Have Hope In God’s Character!” As someone who wrestles with anxiety, the book of Psalms has always been a great encouragement in showing me how these emotions are real, they don’t make me any less human, and how God is able to sustain and give hope through it all. Click here to register!

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Sister Sister Retreat 2018


Sister, Sister 2018 will be held at the BWI Baltimore Marriott Hotel. My session is titled: Self Care is Soul Care. Have you been struggling to take care of yourself and do what God has called you to do? Do you need a practical strategy to make some changes in your life? Then you don't want to miss this event or this session! Register and purchase your ticket from:

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Passion is Pursuit Conference

Excited to announce that on Saturday, March 31st, I will be delivering a keynote at the Passion is Pursuit Conference! The Passion is Pursuit conference is for multicultural entrepreneurial millennials of #faith within the entertainment and media industries. Join us for a day filled with life-changing workshops, panel discussions, professional networking, a vendor market, live entertainment, and so much more! For more information or to register, visit - and don't forget to use my coupon code at checkout! Get 15% by using PIPCDCJENNIFER Be sure to follow @passionispursuit & Conference Creator @cassondralenoir on IG to stay updated.


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Epic Fab Girl Conference 2018
to Mar 24

Epic Fab Girl Conference 2018

Go Getter Conference is a powerful 2-day experience for women entrepreneurs and influencers who will make lasting impacts on society by living in purpose.

Delving into the topics of finances, friendship, work-life balance, romance, faith, and entrepreneurship – this conference is for the modern-day woman who is seeking fulfillment in her relationships, success in her endeavors, confidence in her own skin, and most of all – wholeness in her walk with God.

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7:00 PM19:00

SoulCircles- D.C.


What are Soul Circles?

Soul Circles are meetups over coffee, or food (I love both of these things! LOL) where women come together to learn, discuss and apply basic Bible Study principles. It’s also a time to connect, grow and flourish with other women who are just as passionate about Bible study as you are! My hope is that you will leave with basic tools to enhance your Bible study, and a new friend that you meet at the Soul Circle to continue to do life with.

For our Inaugural SoulCircle event we have Ayanna Thomas, Founder of the Biblically Sound Woman Podcast guiding our study. I just love her heart and knew she would be perfect to bring along for the first of many Soul Circles. I’m super excited because this is definitely a “different” type of girls night out! Grab your girlfriends, put on a cute outfit, grab your Bibles, and let’s have some fun in the city growing closer to Christ together!

You will enjoy an intimate 3 course dinner, great fellowship and leave with two Bible Study resources that will assist you on your journey!

This will sell out fast! The link to purchase your ticket is here:…

To learn more about the mission of Soul Circles or if you desire to bring this to your city please visit:


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