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We’ve all experienced it.

Moments when you’ve opened up the Bible and things just don’t seem to connect. You may have a love for some of the stories, and of course the book of Proverbs. But you really don’t get into the entire Bible or quite know how every book works together to reveal God’s plan for humanity. And of course you don’t dare venture off to the book of Revelations.

If this sounds like you then keep reading! Whether you have attended a LIVE SoulCircle Event or not this course will give you the opportunity to do a deeper dive with other women. We will engage with scripture in a way that’s not intimidating, while giving you Bible Study tools and strategies you can use during your personal study/devotion time.

This course is for those who may need a refresher, or a spiritual reboot.  It’s also for those who have never engaged in Bible Study or have engaged at a surface level. Each session is pre-recorded but you will also receive 2 live sessions over the course of the 4 weeks.

Over the four weeks we will cover:

  • The story of scripture, understanding the bigger picture.

  • How to study the Bible Inductively?

  • Bible translations. What are the differences, which translations are the closest to the original texts, and which translations are best for studying?

  • How prayer and Bible Study work together and how to pray the scriptures?

  • Exegesis vs Eisegesis. Why is knowing the difference important? And How do I begin the process of exegesis and look for context?

  • What is the gospel and how to view the Bible through gospel lenses?

  • How to apply the scripture and live in light of the truth.

    And so much more!

    We will also walk through a chapter in the Bible together and use the tools that are given to properly look for the author, the recipients, the context, and the application. This course is best done in community with other women who are also in the course. So invite a friend to do this with you. I believe that if you are diligent with attending the online courses, engaging in our community, and applying the SoulWork that you will finish this course with a renewed focus and a grasp on some of the basic concepts of entering into God’s word! “All For the glory of God alone and to simply know Him.”