with Jennifer Lucy Tyler

"Pick My Brain" Consultations

“Pick My Brain” consultations are great for the individual who simply has questions pertaining to business, ministry, book writing, and other processes.

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Growth Coaching Session
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Jennifer is a certified Growth Coach and received her certification through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching in 2016. Lifeforming has the tools and methodology to train coaches to unlock sustainable personal change through the Heart of Lifeforming Coach equipped with professional coaching skills and competencies. Our highly experiential coach training combines the Heart of a Christian Coach with internationally accepted core coaching competencies and ethics. And the result... transformational coaching from the inside out!

Growth Coaching is for those who want more of a hands on approach to walking out their God ordained purpose/calling or to receive transformational change in a specific area of their life. As someone who receives Growth Coaching you will receive a written assessment plan, along with steps to take to help you reach your overall goals. You will also have the accountability of a coach to walk you through till the end. Coaches are not counselors! We simply help you uncover the answers within yourself to meet the requested goal.

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