What I Learned Hosting My First Retreat?

Photoshoot in Bo Kapp by Chanel Botha

Photoshoot in Bo Kapp by Chanel Botha

As many of you know, I recently held my first retreat, affectionally named, “The Changemaker Retreat!” I wanted to simply bring Changemaker women together who are living on mission and being the hands and feet of Jesus within their respective careers or fields. We spent one week in October 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa in a beautiful villa, experiencing all Cape Town has to offer. I learned so much during this planning process and thought I would share with others who may feel called to host something like this. I hope these tips are helpful. <3


1.     Start the process a year in advance! – So I gave myself about 10 months to plan and I am so grateful. Everything was done in excellence and nothing felt last minute or rushed. Now of course, as you get to the final week before the retreat, there are some things that will come up. But if you have started the planning process early it will save you from having major hiccups. This also allows people to get their Passports and/or Visa’s in advance if they don’t have them already, and it allows people to pay for the retreat in smaller installments. 


2.     Hire an event planner! So, originally when I began the planning process, I was attempting to do it on my own. I had so many other things competing for my time and attention and could not put my focus on planning this the way I wanted to. I quickly realized that it would best serve me if I hired someone to do the work I didn’t have time to do.


Jules and I on Muizenberg Beach

Jules and I on Muizenberg Beach

So I hired Juliette Bush of Brave by Faith Travel and here’s why:

·      Juliette specializes in faith-based retreats that may have a service element to them in addition to enjoying the luxury and beauty of each country. We loved getting to serve alongside a local church in Cape Town as a part of the retreat. This was something that was already written in my vision!

·      I also knew that she had experience with planning retreats for smaller groups of women (the Changemaker Retreat had 12).

·      All of our meals were included! This took out the extra time it would have taken to figure out what to eat in a foreign country.

·      All of the transportation from the time we were picked up at the airport was taken care of!

Our group was too large for one helicopter but we were able to split into two!

Our group was too large for one helicopter but we were able to split into two!

·      Lastly, I hired her because although I was hosting the retreat I also wanted to enjoy the retreat! Hiring Juliette allowed me to enjoy the experience as well and to experience some surprises! On my birthday, she surprised our group with a helicopter ride over Cape Town and helped make my birthday one of the most memorable ever! I am forever grateful for that moment. <3


3.     Have an application process and select attendees prayerfully. -Some people frowned upon the fact that I had an application for the retreat but I don’t regret it one bit. I knew that I wanted my first retreat to be a smaller group of women. So I knew I needed to curate the environment by choosing women who fit the vision I had for the retreat and who I believed would be able to learn and grow from one another. This wasn’t a retreat where everyone had the same personality or background. In fact, everyone was so different. Yet it worked! I can only attribute that to God’s grace, prayer, and a thorough application/interview process to get to know who would be attending.

By now, you would have thought we all knew each other forever!

By now, you would have thought we all knew each other forever!

4.     If you have a retreat where there is only double occupancy for the rooms, pray about room assignments – So prior to the retreat as I reviewed the applications, I prayed about the room assignments. I then chose room assignments based on who I knew could pour into each other in some way. I also stayed away from putting people together they knew may have already known. I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to get to know someone new and form new relationships. Today as I look at our 2019 ChangeMaker Retreat What’s App Group, I am encouraged to see the conversations continue because the women truly enjoyed one another.


Giving Thanks during our Welcome Dinner at the Villa

Giving Thanks during our Welcome Dinner at the Villa

5.     Write thank you cards for everyone that assisted you along the way!- I believe in showing gratitude and strengthening a bridge. We often hear the advice, “don’t burn bridges” which is good advice. But it’s also important to strengthen a bridge by treating people with kindness, and showing gratitude. I love doing this through handwritten cards/notes because it’s something people knew you slowed down and took the time to do and there are lots of people who save things like this. Another cool way to show gratitude to those who serve you during that time is to send a photo of your group pictured with them and a note on the back so they will always remember you. You never know when you will travel back to that place and need the services of those who you met. A thank you card goes a long way!

The Gold Restaurant in Cape Town is Amazing!

The Gold Restaurant in Cape Town is Amazing!

I hope these tips help and of course if you have any questions about retreat planning feel free to comment and I will be sure to answer them. Also, I will be announcing the 2020 Changemaker Retreat Location at the top of the year! Here is a hint: We are going back to Africa! Yep, I’ve decided to continue the retreat locations within various countries in Africa to explore the beautiful Continent of our ancestors. I hope you can join me next year!


At the top of Lion’s Head! We made this climb together on my birthday as well! 10/3/19

At the top of Lion’s Head! We made this climb together on my birthday as well! 10/3/19



I Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills-A HOPEful Experience in Rwanda

I Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills-A HOPEful Experience in Rwanda

As we traveled through the rolling hills in Rwanda this past week I couldn’t help but reflect on the significance of “hills” within this verse. I pictured the Psalmist perhaps in a region much like Rwanda that had hills like this photo which inspired his songwriting. One thing for certain, creation speaks of God’s glory. How could you not marvel and be in awe of Him, the one who made heaven and earth and these rolling hills? The past week, I met people who live out this truth as they work on the hills to provide for their families and sing worship to the one who provides our needs.

10 Things I Learned Having a Home Based Business

Hello Tribe!

In this video, I go through 10 important things I've learned in the Home Based Business Industry. I candidly share my mistakes, and some of the victories. If you ever have thought about starting a home based business as an additional stream of income, watch this video first!! If you ever want to learn more about what I do specifically within my Home Based business to see if its a good fit for your lifestyle click here!

Millionaires Club yet Miserable.


At the top of this year, I was inducted to a “Millionaires Club” with a network marketing company that I was a part of for 6 years. You would think this would have brought joy but inside I was extremely unhappy. I felt overwhelmed by a company and an industry that required me to spend more time focusing on building them than building the things brewing inside me. I walked away in June by faith from earning some of the largest checks of my life to focus on more of Godly purpose. There were things that were keeping me up at night, and things I began to dream about that I knew God wanted me to focus on. I would cry out to God literally and pray for an out, and He gave me one. Because I understand the power of having at least one stream of residual income to use as a vehicle to invest, I started a journey with a new company that catered more to my everyday life. Its a shopping club that gives discounts on eco friendly, everyday products. I had peace going in this direction because it would not require me to sell and worked as more of a referral program. Nonetheless, working it would not come at the expense of putting aside what God was ultimately calling me to do in this season. While all of this was happening my friends and I decided that it was best to close down our boutique, Luxe for Brunch to focus more on what God was calling each of us to do. I would have loved for my story to read, “…and because of this she lived happily ever after and every door was opened and she made more money than she ever made before.” But then I would be lying, catering to the highlight reels that so many people show on social media. Honestly, its been challenging yet rewarding.

What I’ve learned this past year is that I can have the largest bank account and still be miserable inside when I’m not doing all of what I’m called to do. Author of “Called to Create” Jordan Raynor said it best,

“For those called to create, this means that while we should certainly hustle, we must first trust in God who, throughout history, has been faithful to provide for his people. If we trust in God’s character and steward the talents he has given us well, we can rest knowing that the results are in his hands, that he is in control and is working everything for our good.”

Teaching on Spiritual Warfare at Zion Church, Landover, MD

Teaching on Spiritual Warfare at Zion Church, Landover, MD

I made a vow that in 2019, I would do all of the things that brought me the most joy and give God the most glory. The most joy I experienced this year was when I led a missions team to Ghana alongside my husband, when I’ve spoken at various conferences and events, and through launching my baby “SoulCircles” which teaches women how to study the Bible all over the globe. These things may have not earned me the big checks that I had been used too but when I think of the “highlights” and best moments of my year these come first. I’ve also witnessed God provide for our family in ways that I can only give Him the credit and glory for. We have not missed any meals, and our needs are met. Yes we had to cut back on some things as a family. But as we cut back we are also praying, creating, and strategizing on how the Lord would have us to use our gifts and also earn steady income. I am excited to see all of what God will do as we serve our gifts to the world.

The Missions Team I led to Ghana in May of 2018

The Missions Team I led to Ghana in May of 2018

As I prepare to walk into 2019, there is some uncertainty yet there is great confidence in Christ. There are a few challenges, yet there is peace that surpasses my understanding. There are trials yet there is joy, laughter and love in my household.

A few things are for certain… I am called to this life but only if I”m reflecting The Creator in all that I do. As Christians we cannot look to the left or to the right but only to our Father in Heaven who has given us our gifts to glorify Him. I’ll leave you with a few more words from Jordan Raynor that speak to me in this season,

“We choose this path because Someone has called us to create. We choose this path because God gave us the passion, giftings, and opportunities to use our entrepreneurial talents to glorify him, love others, and create something that has a shot at being considered the glory of the nations. So my final charge to you and to myself is this: create in a way that our work can never be confused as a mere “job.” Create in a away that clearly conveys to ourselves and the world that we work sacrificially for someone else. We work for the One who has called us to create.”

If this spoke to you, I want your feedback! Leave a comment, share, and lets chat. God bless you all as we prepare for 2019.

SoulCircles-NYC November 2018

SoulCircles-NYC November 2018



Jennifer Lucy Tyler

PS- If you would like to host a SoulCircles in your state or would like to bring it to women at your church, we are quickly filling our 2019 calendar. Or if you are looking for a speaker for your women’s conference or event Click here to request a booking and receive my media kit.

Why Watching Your Reactions to Bill Cosby Being Convicted Make me Cringe?


It was the Chi Cha Lounge in D.C. during the early 2000’s. I had just gotten over a horrible break up, I was not a Christian, I was openly bi-sexual, and I was out with my friend trying to self-medicate my pain by smoking and drinking. I met this guy. He was much older than me, owned his own business, and because I thought he was “mature,” I thought it would be ok to date him.


He lived about an hour out of the city, was about 15 years older than me so of course we had nothing in common. I allowed him to wine and dine me because when you don’t know Christ, that’s typically what you do to get over a break up…You go to the next person. You use people to fill a void that only God can fill.


The signs were there…


I remember when I didn’t answer his calls and he showed up to my parent’s house unannounced. I walked with him outside and a young man who was my neighbor said “hello” to me. This guy said, “Who the F&$@ is that? Are you f$#(@)@ this nigga?” I laughed nervously, letting him know to calm down and stop tripping because that was just my neighbor and we were cool. I then let him know how I had plans with my friends and I didn’t appreciate him showing up to my house unannounced. He left and I should have never saw him again….


But I was broken so I did.


I was working at Sibley Hospital in the pharmacy and taking a Medical Terminology class. My co-workers and I were in the courtyard studying for a test when I heard someone beeping a horn and yelling my name. I looked up and it was him. I don’t remember telling him where I worked, but maybe it slipped in conversation. Nonetheless, I was shocked and slightly mortified that this man decided to show up to my job unannounced. When I walked out to talk to him he said he wanted to surprise me and take me to lunch. Now to some this may have seemed sweet. But we had only met maybe a week or two prior and this was uncomfortable to me. I had not made a commitment to this man. We were not in a relationship, we were simply dating. I told him that I was “on call” and I was not able to leave for lunch but that we could see each other another time.


One day we were out on a date, and I remember he was constantly buying drinks. I knew that I should not have been drinking but in my mind I was grown and could handle it. I was also trying to numb the pain. The pain of being cheated on in a previous relationship, the pain of seeing my father on crack, the pain of not knowing my identity and worth…It was all just too much to bear. So I drank, smoked weed, and popped the occasional XTC pill. That night out with him, I can’t remember what I drank but all I know is that I passed out. I woke up, and saw the sign “Centerville” and knew that I was far from home.

We pulled up to what I believe was his home and he carried me into the house. By this time, I was starting to come to myself a little but was still very much out of it. He started to pull my clothes off, and I asked him to stop. He kept going, and I started crying. I felt super woozy and to this day I believe he put something in my drink. I started to push him off of me, and he held me down by force and raped me. I will spare the disgusting details of what and how he did it but it left me bleeding months later. He also gave me an STD that I thank God was curable. He drove me home as if it was a normal date and I went on with life as if I was normal. “It was my fault, how dumb could I be? I should have listened to my gut, I should not have drank, I guess I led him on, I refuse to be a victim” were all of the thoughts going through my mind. After that day, he continued to call me and I would ignore him. Every time I saw a black Jaguar car somewhere, I would get anxiety because I thought it was him. The final time he called me, I just happened to have a high school friend over the house. I told him this man was harassing me and asked could he pretend he was my boyfriend and tell him to stop calling me? He did, and it was the last time I heard from that monster.


Years later I dealt with shame around this moment in time that I wish I could erase. Writing about it today was hard… It even brought back what I smelled that day… I don’t know how memories can do that, but it’s weird. I came out with a book in 2011, “Dried Tears A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming,” which openly talks about everything that I have overcome with Christ except this….


I didn’t write it down because at the time I still felt a tremendous amount of shame for not knowing better, not reporting it, not seeing the signs, and for thinking it was all my fault.


This week we saw America’s TV dad, and comedian Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years of prison for the assault, drugging and raping of Andrea Constand 14 years ago. Multiple women have come forward over the years echoing similar things about Cosby. As I read the reaction from social media I cringed. It reminded me why I was scared to come forward and report the rape that happened to me.


Luvvie Ajayi shared perspective that sums up my heart on this, “The fact is rape culture rarely ever punishes rapists (even those who aren’t rich). Why? Because patriarchy often trumps class, and raging misogyny is at the bottom of it all. The world cares way more about the freedom of wayward penises and the pinheads they’re attached to, than the bodies and well-being of women and girls. 60 accusers. SIXTY. And some folks wanna play devil’s advocate on his trifling behalf, as if Satan said he needed a chaperone.”


Insecure HBO actress, Amanda Seals says, “Yes there are many white men who have not went to jail for similar crimes, and they SHOULD go to jail. It doesn’t make Cosby any less innocent it just makes the system and this world more racist.”


We must put an end to rape culture which is perpetuated through the misogynistic language, objectification of women’s bodies and glamorization of sexual violence. We must create safe spaces where women can be transparent and receive healing without being judged or told that its “their fault.”


I am grateful to have a relationship with God who has healed me from the pain over the years. He has restored my soul and healed the wounds of my past. However, if you are a woman who has experienced rape and never shared it with anyone please share it with someone you trust and also seek counseling. Women we are carriers and have the tendency to bury our pain and move on. We push our feelings aside, get on with life, get to the money and get to moving. Many of us experience abuse, pain and betrayal without ever caring for our mental health and getting therapy. Let’s erase the stigma. Its ok to get therapy sis. You aren’t crazy if you do, you are smart. As a matter of fact click this link here and find a therapist.


My Birthday Present


Taking my own advice, I decided to integrate therapy back into our budget as a form of self-care. I am an advocate for self care but I admit its time to take it a step further. I turn 37 next week and as much as I love the Lord, as much as I know Him and His power there are times life gets tough and you need to process it with someone who is a professional and not connected to you in any way….

So with that being said, its ok to get therapy years later especially if you are triggered. Its ok to report the person who raped you. Its ok, to even not be ok. Just don’t stay there sisters. Don’t dwell in that space. Draw near to Christ, draw near to the people who are a safe space, draw near to those who love and care for you.

Lastly, if you feel led pray this with me:

“Father, I need you. Help me to place my trust in you. I ask for your strength to overcome and for healing in areas that aren’t healed. John 8:36 says, who the son sets free is free indeed. Lord, I thank you for freedom from guilt, and shame. I thank you for making me whole in every area of my life. You are always good, and use everything for your glory. In Jesus Name, Amen.”




The Truth About Grief...

Its 2 am and I can’t sleep so I decided to write. My mind keeps going back to one year ago today, the day I got the call. My mother was frantic and told me I needed to get to her house. My heart sank, I knew something was seriously wrong and I knew it was about my dad. On the way, I called Jeff and asked him to meet me there. I then began to pray, scream, and cry out to God for His mercy. I had felt an emptiness that I had never felt before, deep down I knew he was gone. I pulled up to my parents condo, and the ambulance was outside. My brother and husband could barely look at me, my mom came downstairs and told me to come inside. I ran into the apartment and said, “let me see my daddy.” My mother simply said, “he’s gone.” What came after that was a blur. I could not see through my own tears, I could not hear through my own screams. It felt like I was having an outer body experience. “He can’t be gone!” The week prior my dad had spent the night in our new home as we celebrated my mom’s birthday. Just two days prior to that, we had spent time in church together. I remember asking my dad, “Do you want to go to brunch?” He politely declined. My dad was exhausted. He had COPD. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs.  It was a huge blessing that he had even come out of the house to go to church. Over the years the COPD had gotten worse and my father carried oxygen. He would often be out of breath and too tired to hang out like he used too. It was difficult to witness. This used to be my rollercoaster partner in every amusement park, and he was once full of energy. In addition to that, my father battled PTSD and drug addiction most of his life. My dad was a Vietnam veteran and participated in things that caused him great pain. I truly believe that was a big contributor to his drug usage.  He did not know how to numb the pain and so he resorted to a temporary out, and that was getting high. I used to walk in total unforgiveness towards my dad. After the Lord relentlessly pursued me and saved me, He walked me through a journey of forgiveness. He helped me to see my dad in all of his brokenness and I began to have compassion for him. Besides, by God’s grace I was saved and delivered from my sins so how dare I not think he wasn’t worthy of my forgiveness? 

Colossians 3:13- …bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. (ESV)

Today I am grateful for that ability to forgive my dad. Years prior to this death, I was prompted to create memories with him. Deep down I knew his time was short and I’m grateful the Lord prepared me. I would pray and ask God, “Please just allow him to live long enough to meet a future grandchild.” He only lived long enough to find out he was having a grandchild when my brother announced it during my mom’s birthday dinner last year. Although, this prayer wasn’t answered the major prayer we prayed over my dad was answered. The Lord did not take my dad until He had saved his soul. We have no doubt now that we will see my father again. What he did in his heart the last few months of his life is incredible. My father was loving, compassionate and desired to be in church learning about God. I remember in the last few months of my dad’s life seeing him come up at our church for prayer. I always wondered what he prayed, but it brought me comfort that the Lord was drawing him to Himself. As a matter of fact that last movie he watched was “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel. He insisted that my brother and wife watch it with him. So although my dad will never meet a grandchild on this side of heaven, I know for sure we will all be reunited one day.

Fast forward to today. One year after our lives changed and my father transitioned. Cue Marvin Sapp’s, “Never Would have Made it!” Because its only God that has gotten us through. This was by far the greatest heartache I have ever experienced and I can’t believe I’m surviving it. There are a few things I have learned about grief this past year and I want to share my truth. Some of these you may or may not agree with, but again this is MY truth.  I pray it helps someone grieving a death of a loved one in their lives.

1.    Time does not heal all wounds. God does. 

Psalm 34:18- The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
    and saves the crushed in spirit.

I don’t know where I would be without my faith in God and the anticipation of eternity. This anticipation of eternity with Jesus has given me great comfort, because I know I will see my dad again. He was a believer and was no longer scared of death because he knew where he was going. Eternity is forever, and the spirit realm is more real than what we experience today within our natural bodies.  After my father passed, I became obsessed with studying heaven. It brought me comfort because it allowed me to wonder what my father maybe experiencing or seeing right now. I look forward to the day when we meet again as brothers and sisters in Christ worshipping at the throne. He’s probably so popular already in heaven. LOL My dad was such an extrovert and a people person.

2.    You can’t rush grief. Everyone’s timeline is different for how they process things. There are 7 stages of grief. Go through them, and get professional counseling if there are times where you can’t seem to shake it. Don’t allow grief to take you to a dangerous place of depression. It’s ok, and as a matter of fact recommended that you seek counseling after such a devastating change in your life.

3.   Unless you lost a parent or a child you don’t know how that person feels. Grief is an emotion many have experienced, but its levels to it. There is nothing compared to the loss of an immediate family member. It affects you and changes you in a way that you can’t relate too unless you have experienced it. So instead of making the statement, “I know how you feel because you once lost your pet fish” just show up and be there.”

4.   Celebrate their lives with loved ones. Today I plan on being with my family and celebrating the life of my dad. I don’t plan on sitting at home and crying the day away. I am actually surprised at how much peace I have in this moment. Also to make the holidays or the anniversary of his passing easier, we celebrate by doing something he loved or eating one of his favorite foods. Maybe today we will go and have some Key Lime Pie, and listen to some of his favorite songs. We will reminisce and laugh and cry if we need too. Although, we usually end up doing more laughing because we focus on the funny memories we all have.

My final Father's Day

My final Father's Day

My dad's last birthday. &lt;3

My dad's last birthday. <3

80's baby. Forever a Daddy's Girl

80's baby. Forever a Daddy's Girl

This was the very last day I ever saw my dad. Jeff was helping him from the car into our church

This was the very last day I ever saw my dad. Jeff was helping him from the car into our church

Self Care Series-Part 1 "The Three S's"

This weekend I had the honor of teaching on one of my favorite topics: Self-Care. Because let’s face it ladies, we have such a hard time taking care of ourselves.

Let’s talk about some of the roles we have as women. We are wives, daughters, mom’s, minister’s, entrepreneurs, students, and career women. We often are also doctor’s (making sure everyone in the household is taken care of when sick), lawyers (handling disputes between children), drivers (chauffeuring kids to various activities), school teachers (checking and going through homework), maid service (cleaning up after everyone), gourmet chef’s (planning and cooking meals for the household), in some cases we are “handy-women” (fixing items and doing odd jobs around the house), stylists (making sure our husbands and children’s clothing are clean, up to par and stylish), counselors and psychologists (hearing out the problems of the household), and the list goes on…For us to do all of these things, and to still struggle with guilt when it comes to taking care of ourselves is a lie planted in our minds from the enemy.


I often use the phrase, self-care is soul-care. It has been said that our soul is made up of three parts.  Now I am not sure how true this is, but these three parts are supposedly our mind, our will, and our emotions.  When you are not taking care of yourself what happens? We can be short with our children and spouses, or impatient with those around us. We end up frustrated, overly emotional, and lacking joy or peace. It seems that when we are not surrendered to God these three parts (mind, will, and emotions) are most affected. I haven’t found exact theological backing yet to solidify this about these thoughts about soul, but when I do I will be sure to let you guys know. Nonetheless, we cannot talk about self-care without talking about the Sabbath.

Shabbat- is the Hebrew word for Sabbath and it means to come to an end, to cease, to stop, to pause.

Genesis 2:2  (ESV) And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.

Even God rested! And let me submit He didn’t rest because He needed too.  He neither sleeps nor slumbers (Ps 121:4). I believe He rested because He wanted to teach us something. He wanted to teach us the principal of the Sabbath and the importance of rest.The bible talks about the importance of entering into His rest again in Hebrews 4. We will not enter into God’s eternal rest if we don’t trust His promises. Many of us are stressed out and cannot rest because we simply don’t trust Him and we also struggle with pride. Let me be the first to admit that this is often my struggle. As an entrepreneur this is such a challenge.  I realize that there is no check coming my way unless I get up and produce. This is both liberating and terrifying at the same time. It is our human sin nature to believe that everything is in our own hands and under our own control. Yet time and time again, I have learned that I am not in total control. Life is so much easier when we truly realize this point and relinquish control to the One who cares for us. This doesn’t mean we sit on our butts and do nothing. This simply means that no matter what it looks like, “we gon be alright!” We have a Father who is our ultimate provider, He brings the opportunities, He opens the doors, and He also closes what needs to be closed because He sees what’s ahead and knows best. It’s refreshing to be able to rest in that truth.

What Does Self Care Look Like?

There are times we are able to take a nice vacation, have a spa day, or take ourselves shopping. But what if we aren’t able to do any of those things? It becomes important then that we establish a daily routine of Self Care.  I have established a routine of daily Self-Care using my three S’s:

·      Solitude

·      Soaking

·      Scripture.

Solitude- Take time to simply be alone.  Don’t take your phone or any other electronics with you. Focus on your breathing by taking deep breaths. Clear your mind by focusing on a particular scripture.

Soaking- Turn on worship music and just soak in His presence. Reflect on the words of the song and just sit in His presence.

Scripture- Take out your Bible and mediate on scripture. The Hebrew word of meditate is: Hagah. It simply means to mutter. Take time to mutter the scripture to yourself over and over again. This helps to get these words into your mind and heart.

When you begin to take the time to do this daily, or even a few times a week you will begin to see a shift in how your days are going. You best take care of yourself by going to the One who takes care of you!

Remember we cannot be all who God called us to be without taking care of ourselves.

Love you guys,



Jennifer Lucy Tyler

Do Good, Feel Good, Look Good


My Microblading Experience!

My Microblading Experience!

So yes, I decided to get microblading to help my struggle brows this year and I wanted to share my experience with you guys. Yes they were struggle brows. After years of going to the wrong people to get my brows done, my brows inevitably suffered and never seemed to grow back correctly. I always felt like I had to fill in my brows just for my face to have character and feel normal.  

10 Things Every 30 Something Should Know.

10 Things Every 30 Something Should Know.

I cannot believe in October I will be 37 years old. It seems surreal even typing those words but it’s true. Time flies but I am truly loving my 30’s. I have traveled the world, gotten married to the love of my life, purchased our second home, and much more. My 30’s also have not come without its own set of losses and disappointments.  I have and continue to learn a ton and I just wanted to share some of these things with you as you navigate this stage of your life with me. We are in this together.