“Behind every specific call, whether it is to teach or preach or write or encourage or comfort, there is a deeper call that gives shape to the first: the call to give ourselves away - the call to die.” 
― Michael Card


Yes, a call to die. Not a physical death but a death to self. If it were up to me, I probably would have been an R&B singer or a rock star, but well I can’t sing and I don’t have the patience to practice the guitar in my basement that collects dust. Discovering my specific calling has been a journey full of twists, turns, mistakes, and victories. All of which had purpose and shapes who I am, the causes I advocate for, and what I teach women today.

It all started for me with a few attempts at the corporate world, but after a while I decided to leave that all behind to start a life of entrepreneurship. My journey as an entrepreneur began in the direct sales industry. This opened up a lot of doors for me to explore the things I knew I was called to do. I knew that my specific calling involved speaking, teaching and seeing the lives of women transformed as a result. In 2011, I released my first book “Dried Tears-A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming.” This book shared my personal story of overcoming promiscuity, drug abuse, and much more with the word of God. In 2018, I released two journals, “Be Your Own Relationship Goals Vol.1, “ and “The Changemaker Guide to Studying the Bible.” When I am not writing or speaking, I enjoy leading missions teams, teaching Bible Studies, and serving our local church in Women’s Ministry. In 2018, I began curating “SoulCircles Events.” These events bring women together in various parts of the country who desire to learn how to effectively study God’s word. We enjoy good food, good coffee, and develop new relationships. In 2016, my love for seeing the gospel message go from one block to the next propelled me to found the non-profit, “From My Block to Yours.” This organization exists to love on “Change Makers” of the world that live their everyday life poured out to others sharing the gospel. Our organization shares the stories of these Change Makers and their organizations. We also work to align support for their work and help advocate for their cause. This organization is a huge part of my driving force to do work that helps others access God’s kingdom!

I love meeting and connecting with people all over the world through the work that I do.

I love meeting and connecting with people all over the world through the work that I do. In 2019, I launched the Soulcare Intensive Course: A 7 week Spiritual Reboot for the Woman on the Go. This allows me to connect more intimately with women by pointing them to Christ, and giving each woman tools to discover their specific calling. Seeing women overcome all odds, grow in bible literacy, and lead fulfilling, fruitful lives in Christ brings me joy.

Once the day is done, a good glass of red wine and time with my hubs is always a go-to. We queue up the DVR to the latest This is Us episode and relax together at the end of a long day. On special occasions, we love to get dressed up and explore new restaurants in the DMV area, preferably somewhere with a good crabcake!

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